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AI-driven predictive analytics to identify regulatory market risks and opportunities

Market insights from hard data, not conjecture. Over 97% accuracy predicting regulatory risks, highlighting opportunities, and analyzing how each will affect your interests. Don’t you owe it to your business to rely on Ridgebase AQ?

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A.I. that can tell the future of regulatory, legislative, and political risk with near perfect reliability?

Think of the possibilities to avoid risk and shape favorable outcomes. Put Ridgebase AQ’s A.I. to work for you.

The Ridgebase AQ Platform: the power of AI and future looking analytics to give you an edge over the competition

Analyze complex data, gain unique insight, and make better decisions with Ridgebase AQ’s powerful platform of tools.

Harness the power of Ridgebase AQ


Actuaries can better assess, predict, and manage risk for  insurance and investments

Business Development

Corporates can identify change before it happens and prepare to capitalize on it

Market Analysis

Buy-side and sell-side analysts make better recommendations with more accurate data

Public Affairs

Corporates and NPOs can get in front of threats and shape public policy to their advantage

Due Diligence

VC and PE can avoid huge pitfalls before making investments in highly regulated sectors

Competitive Intelligence

Corporates can understand, react, and leverage regulatory risk to the competition

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