API Subscription Inquiry

For users that have data needs beyond our tear sheet products, we offer a direct API data feed of Ridgebase AQ’s raw neural network output. Because use cases can vary greatly, we price the API data feed on a case-by-case basis. The data feed itself contains all of our available data, which is comprised of the 50 major categories analyzed by our neural network, each having up to 625 data touch points. It’s a lot of data. There are generally two situations that fit this scenario:

    1. If you are part of an investment fund that has internal data analytics capabilities, we can provide the raw data to your analysts so that the output can be customized to your specific application and data reporting requirements.
    2. If you are developing a third-party application outside of the investment data analytics area (e.g. government relations, actuarial, insurance, etc), we can provide the data feed for your application.